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Ever since I was a tiny tot, I have loved understanding people and making them feel better and laugh. I paid ultra-high attention to everyone around me. Focusing on what they said/didn’t say, how and why they said it, and how they were feeling, I attuned myself to the needs of others and became an expert listener. Through this practice of listening, I developed my superpower of mirroring back to people what they wanted to hear to make them feel better in the moment like a funny Shirley Temple-looking Oprah. 

As I grew older and became engulfed by limiting beliefs, I developed low self-esteem and anxiety. I was afraid to let my light shine so I would always focus on helping the other person shine instead, transforming me into a people-pleasing prodigy.

Later, I graduated college with a degree in Psychology and Human Development to deepen my understanding of others. After “shoulding” my way through my early 20s and crossing off the boxes, I became disenchanted like I had climbed Mount Everest only to be rewarded with a timeshare presentation.

Then my guide FG appeared like a genie! FG partnered with me to clear my limiting beliefs and reveal the path to greater love, peace, and joy in my life. Thanks to FG’s inspiring example, I dug deeper into my passion of lifting others up and got certified at one of the top coaching schools in the world. I became a coach of high achievers from a place of power and confidence mirroring back to them what they needed to reach greater fulfillment. 

Now I’m living at the Next Level as Co-Founder and Master Guide of Next Level Heroes where I follow my passion of Guiding. Everything our company does is aligned with our mission to empower the heroes of the world to experience greater love, peace, and joy in their lives. By helping people in deeply meaningful ways that I find most fun and fulfilling, I’m Guiding the heroes of the world to the Next Level.

Origin Stories: About



Ever since I was a child, I have loved deep, engaging conversations. In earlier years, this expressed itself in the form of heated debate where I would always play the role of devil’s advocate. Over the years, it has evolved into a more peaceful exchange of ideas (though still with the occasional debate 😉). I also discovered my superpowers of innovative problem solving and teaching.

Through the beginning of college, I struggled with many limiting beliefs. I was an egotistical spoiled brat with self-esteem low enough to win at limbo. I spent my freshman year as a dorm-dwelling dweeb that went home every weekend and never made any solid friendships. 

Luckily, around that time, I had the great fortune of attracting a guide called FG that I continue to work with to this day. Through FG’s guidance, I transformed my beliefs about myself to open up a whole new world of possibilities. Partnering with FG gave me the confidence to start down my path to the Next Level and have an incredible rest of my college experience.

By the end of college, I had tutored classmates in subjects most find difficult, graduated with honors, and studied abroad at a prestigious international business school where I made connections with people from all over the world. After graduation, I moved to San Francisco where I landed a leadership role at a thriving tech startup. There, I mentored my fellow employees and formed/led a large group where I shared wisdom and support to uplift my colleagues.

Now I live at the Next Level as Co-Founder of Next Level Heroes. We run our company on foundational principles including: always find the win-win-win for all stakeholders, act with integrity, and embody authenticity. Learning from my tenure at a successful startup, studying the wisdom of thought leaders, and imparting my own experiences and creativity are some of the main ingredients to our recipe for a Next Level company.

Origin Stories: About Me
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